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Elixir Energy Commissions a 5 kW PV Power Plant

Elixir Energy Commissions a 5 kW solar PV Plant in Shimla.


Elixir Energy Commissions a 10 kW PV Power Plant

Elixir Energy Pvt. Ltd. installed a 10 kW rooftop solar plant at a research institute in Hamirpur, H.P. demonstrating strong in-house EPC capabilities of the company. Adding another project to its portfolio.

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Elixir Energy Commissions a 5 kWp PV Power Plant

Elixir Energy Pvt. Ltd.'s Projects Team installed a 5 kWp Photovoltaic Power Plant in Shimla. The system is generating >20 kWh per day and the customer acknowledges the benefits and quality of the installation. 

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Elixir Energy installs a 2kWp rooftop plant

Elixir Energy commissions a 2 kWp solar rooftop plant in Shimla. The system demonstrates the application of high-efficiency multi-crystalline photovoltaic modules and on-grid inverters with net metering.  The system is designed to be monitored at module-level, a capability which is absent in most PV…

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Solar Energy : Energy Forever

What is the potential of the Sun and what are we doing with it? 

Solar energy is one of the most promising sources of renewable energy and has been widely adopted worldwide as an alternate source of power generation. Theoretical potential of the solar energy falling on the earth is 89,300 TW or …

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